Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Memorial Day and Some Nice Finds Today

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  It is a hot day today here in Massachusetts with the  temps going into the mid 80's and humid.  This morning hubby and I started out early to hit an herb and plant sale at the Reverend Keith House in the neighboring town.  It is always a nice little sale to benefit the historical society.  The house where they have it was built in the 1600's. It is a saltbox farm.  The house is open to the public during the sale and they have a tea and sandwich room too.  I got a few herbs and perennials at the sale. We had planned to just go to the grocery after that but instead we hit two nice sales.  I can't believe we have had such good luck so far this season at the sales.  The first one I got a gathering basket, the old copper watering can and the two cloth dolls at.  I forgot to get the basket into the picture.  The second sale we hit the jackpot with the two large baskets.  They are early and in good condition and filthy! The one with the cover has a tag on it put on by the owner. It was so old that it broke in my hand when I touched it.  It says Hannah Bates in old handwritten script.  Each basket was 10 dollars which I feel was a great price.  I also got the covered chicken dish, blue enamelware pot, the old washboard and hubby got a really nice old bottle for his collection. As we were walking away I spotted the noodle board and had to get that too. It is an old one!  We spent a total of 40 dollars for the two sales and I think we did good!
    Tomorrow is a family barbecue at my sisters to celebrate our birthdays.  My birthday is on Monday and hers is on Wednesday.  I hope whatever you do this weekend you enjoy it!

Below is a picture of the Reverend Keith house where we went to the plant sale.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Farm Fresh Finds Today

Hi everyone, I know I have been missing a while but between lousy rainy weather and general business I haven't had a lot to post about. Today is a lovely day here in Massachusetts with sunny skies and temps promising to be in the 70's so hubby and I decided to head out to the local sales.  We only went to one to fill our antique hunting desire today!  It was at a farmhouse and the older man was taking things out of the barn as we drove up. I got this wonderful early child's sleigh in old pumpkin paint complete with cobwebs and remainder of the straw stuffing which would have been under the original leather seat. Price was a whopping 8 dollars!  I am going to clean it up later and I am sure the paint will be amazing.  I also got the bakers table. I have no idea where I will put it but for 30 dollars I could not pass this beauty up. I am thinking I will give the base and legs a whitewash of paint and leave the scrubbed top as is. I love it!  I also bought the little doll crib on super cute wheels and will paint it another color and put some potted plants in it.  It reminded me a bit of a goat cart and for 3 dollars who could go wrong?  A plant shelf/stand in blue paint and a couple of enamelware and tin pieces rounded out the purchases.  As the dealers pulled up they were giving me the evil eye as I walked away with my finds! Kitty loves the sleigh too :)