Friday, May 13, 2011

Antique Lighting- A collection of mine

My husband and I have been early lighting collectors for quite a few years. I love the old lamps, candlesticks and like to think of the people that used them back in the day.  We take our electricity so much for granted now, but imagine what it would have been like to use a betty lamp to read by. I can only imagine the dangers of it also. Here are some pictures of our antique lighting pieces.  I also have a lot of cherished primitives reproduction lighting also.
This lamp came with our house and is above the kitchen table.  It was electrified at one point by someone.  I love the design in the iron and the milk glass shade and the bell above it.  It is one of my favorites and I cherish it.

I also love this little oil lamp that hangs in the living room.  I love the little brass punched shade. It is all original to the piece.

A lamp that hangs on the side of the kitchen cabinet by the sink. I love the worn reflector.

A few pieces that are on the beam above the stove.  The little whale oil lamps glass is so thin, it is amazing that it survived through the years.  There is also another oil lamp and a small lantern.  I think my husband said it was for the railroad.  The second picture is a hanging lantern that I actually do light at the holidays. It looks so pretty.

Here is another lamp that came with the house.  It is at the front entry by the stairs. I love the color of it. When it is on it makes a swirled pattern on the walls.  The picture below it is an early betty lamp that I hang on one of the shutters in the living room window. I love the hearts it has.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the lighting pieces I have.  There is none more comforting than the glow of a candle or oil lamp.


  1. Thanks, I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful collection....Iknow you must enjoy them! Thank you so much for stopping by The Prim Colonial! Come visit anytime, I hope I always offer a post as welcoming as yours!

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