Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Primitive Style Kitchen Decorating

One of the best places I feel to get your primitive decorating style going is in your kitchen.  The kitchen is a gathering place for family and friends and that warm and cozy primitive feel is just right for this spot There are so many ways to decorative your kitchen in a primitive style, even if your home is not an 18th century former tavern. :-)  My kitchen was done over in the 1970's by the previous owner.  I was so lucky to find this house, because she loved primitive style and had added hand hewn beams, the beautiful dark cabinetry and the stone tile counters.  While there are some "70's" things I don't care for such as the flooring, ( red brick linoleum) it is livable and can be replaced in time. The wallpaper is another thing, although it has started to grow on me I think.  The table is an antique golden oak farmhouse table made at the turn of the century. I have added a folded vintage tablecloth as a sort of runner to the middle of the table and placed an old knife box filled with vintage (rubber) veggies. I thought they were rather realistic looking.  I am not usually a fan of rubber fruits or veggies but these are prim looking I thought.  I also have a pressed glass spooner filled with old wooden utensils. I thought that sort of was shabby chic but that is the thing with prim decorating, you can mix and match, use what is available and repurpose all those vintage and antique goodies to create your own visions of prim decor.  In the background is a vintage 1970's deacons bench that was going to be thrown out, that I repainted in a great mustard color and added quilted pillows. The corners or the kitchen are filled with old stoneware pottery and assorted things.  I will show a better picture soon of those areas.. So grab that old rusty tin bucket you see at the dump, or that pressed glass vase you found at a yard sale and use your imagination!

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