Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple Prim Eggs (Dollar Tree Find)

I made this coffee table display for Easter using mostly Dollar Tree finds.  I am all about saving money when possible and these eggs came out cute I think!  The Easter grass and Spanish moss are also from the dollar tree. The treenware bowl is an antique.  The egg holder and chicks came from a local prim gift shop.  The eggs are kids sidewalk chalk found in the easter basket filler section of dollar tree and were of course $ 1.00.  I dinged them up with my finger nail first (butter knife would work too)  then dipped them in black coffee.  I then rolled them in wet coffee grinds and cinnamon-rubbed the grinds and cinnamon in a bit so it got into the dings and let them air dry. Perfectly prim I think!

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  1. Thanks for dtopping by and following my blog! Cute idea! I saw some of these chalk eggs at the thrift store! I'll have to see if they are still there!

    Carmen and the Primcats