Friday, March 11, 2011

This Weeks Project- "Make Do" Curtains

So I was tired of having the neighbors headlights in my bay window every night and needed some curtains that I could draw closed in the evenings.  Bay window treatments are more difficult to deal with, especially when you have a crooked house. lol  and windows that should be replaced.  So, I came up with these.  I purchased the tiers for 5.00 a pair at a closeout sale online. That was a great deal! I couldn't even purchase the fabric to make them for that price. I made the push pins holding the twine out of vintage buttons that I had found in my basement when we moved in.  I hot glued 2 or 3 of them together using different sizes and colors, and glued them to the stem of a clear push pin. I added the clothespins to hold the curtains back in the daylight hours. I thought they came out pretty cute! The curtains are strung on simple garden twine that you can pick up at any hardware store.  Do you like them?

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