Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catmint ? You Would Think The "Cat" Part Would Have Given Me a Clue

Hubby and I went to Home Depot this morning to pick up a lawn mower starter and of course I can't leave that place without walking through the garden dept.  I saw the tall spikey purple flowers and thought they were pretty and a decent price at $5.97 so I purchased three 2 qt. pots. I noticed it was called catmint when I got it home and so I tore off a leaf and smelled it...yep minty. I wonder why they call it catmint?   So I decided to put the plants beside the garage where it gets a lot of sun. One of the kittys was nearby and immediately began to roll on the plant knocking half of it flat to the ground.  Another comes by and starts chewing on it.  Yikes. I tell hubby that I think we bought catnip!  I was afraid they were going to flatten the rest of my flowers and seedlings there so I replanted all 3 plants in an old cranberry box and put it on the side of the house. So the kitties are havin' a hell of a time with my new plants and hubby is grumbling about wasting 15 dollars. lol

Little Mama is staggering off after rolling on the plant for 15 minutes.

Misty comes by to take a "hit" off the plant.

Catmint plants all replanted in their new box. Uh oh...Mama is back for a second roll and Ty is getting his fill too.  I wonder how long the plants will look pretty? lol


  1. Oh now that is too cute!! You'll have drunk kitties!!

  2. LOL..That's funny!! My kittys all love the CatMint Growing around out barn and my Trailer..Mine came up all by itself..sorry you had to pay for yours..
    Tell you wht tho if you want to keep it pretty just make a wire cage around the box about 2 feet tall. the kittys will still be able to steal a but from what grows outside the wire cage but they won't destroy the plants and they will bloom all summer if you top them every time the blooms die. Keep it trimmed back and throw all the trimmings to your furbabies..


  3. That's a good idea Tonya! I am hoping the interest will wear off and I can replant in the yard and not the box.