Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kitchen Gatherings

I am blessed to have a large kitchen with a lot of room for prim delights :)  Here are a few areas of my kitchen.
The entry: Includes pieces of our stoneware collection and some woodenware.

Stove Area:  The brickwork in my stove area is brick salvaged from an early home we were told. The stove itself is pretty much an antique lol ( 50 years old) and came with the house but works like a dream still so I leave it be. Here you will find a lot of my tinware collection, some early lighting, and some of hubby's stoneware and bottles.


  1. Morning girl...beautiful treasures and I love that huge area around your stove..as big as my whole kitchen! lol I so envy you having a big kitchen...they are just the best rooms for decorating and making that warm cozy come on in feeling....hope you are having a great weekend sweetie...Picket

  2. I am LOVIN' that stove area!!! Just gorgeous! Thanks for showing us.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><