Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yard Sale Finds This Morning- Lots of Goodies

Today was the first real day it was nice enough to go hit the yard sales around here.  There was quite a few listed in our local paper so off hubby and I went.  I spent a total of 18.50 and here is what I got.  2 french shabby chic signs on wood. The original tags were on them at 12.00.  I paid 3.00 for both.  An unfinished pegboard shelf for 2.00. A sisal rope planter box for 1.00. A hanging metal planter with a coco liner for a 1.00. ( I almost bought one of these at Lowes for over 10.00 the other day)  A wooden bucket that I will paint and use as a container for plants outside. A shabby decoupage flower picture for my daughter for 1.00.  A shabby shadow box picture of a little cafe.  A homespun tablecloth in brown and white. A man at one of the sales saw me looking at the window inserts he had out.  He said he never got around to putting them on his new Anderson windows.  I said I was thinking of them for a craft project and he said how many do you want?  So he gave me 4 for FREE and then another 2 that I will use as trellises for free too!  My favorite buys today were the 2 vintage leather suitcases. I plan on decoupaging some old travel stickers on them and using them as a display in my bedroom. I also got 3 little porcelain boxes. One is a rooster, a pile of suitcases and one is a little dresser.  50 cents each! All in all it was a great day!

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