Thursday, April 14, 2011

Salvation Army Store Finds for this Week!

On Wednesday our local Salvation Army Store has half price day on most items.  These are a few things I picked up in the last couple of weeks.  The two wall boxes were 99 cents a piece.  I plan to paint them and prim them up and add some prim things to them.  The standing thin small cupboard type thing has 3 shelves inside. I already worked on this one and am pretty happy with the results except I am not finished with the latch for the front. DH needs to make me a turning latch type thing.   It was a pea green color with a colonial paper picture of an angel on the front when I got it. I gouged it up a bit and painted it black. I sanded it to make it look worn and then put Old English Scratch Remover for Dark Wood over the whole thing which gave it a nice mellow prim feel.  I paid 2.99 for that.  The molding type shelf in the light color I bought for 3.99. It was new in the box with the hardware even.  I am going to paint that a chippy ivory and attach it to an old window that is has been in the garage waiting for me. lol.  I think it will look nice with some grapevines and maybe a small wreath on the window.  The plant pot I got 10 of them all the same for 49 cents each!  The are more a shabby chic type look but I plan to use them outdoors for planting this year on a shelf I found on the side of the road!  The little half basket will go on my pegboard.  I paid 99 cents for that. I also got 2 vintage cotton tablecloths for my table in fruit patterns.  All in all I did pretty well at the thrift store lately and will show my results for these items when completed!

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