Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Primitive Wall Box Make Over

Last week I posted about my Salvation Army Store finds for that week and mentioned a couple of wall boxes I found for 99 cents each.  I finished one and I am pleased with how it came out. It had quite a high shine shellac on it when I bought it, so I sanded it down a bit, did a few chops and dings to the wood and then got to painting in the matte black.  After it dried I did some light sanding in the areas I felt would show wear over time. Then I rubbed it down with Old English Scratch Cover liquid for dark wood which gives in a mellow look as if it is 150 years old.  I hung it in my front entry hallway.  I think I am addicted to the black paint. I just love it.  Maybe the other wall box I will do in red or green.  I think tomorrow DH and I will head back to the thrift store since it is half price Wednesday again !
Before: It is hard to tell it has a very high gloss shellac on it.


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